The New Mutants actor Henry Zaga, who plays Roberto da Costa/Sunspot in the Marvel movie, reveals he would love to be part of a U.S.Avengers film.

The New Mutants star Henry Zaga is ready to return as Sunspot in a U.S.Avengers movie. The New Mutants came out this weekend as one of the first films to release during the coronavirus pandemic. Developed and filmed prior to Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox, the movie has faced many delays. Unfortunately, despite the long wait, initial reviews for The New Mutants have been disappointing. However, the film’s box office numbers are a little more promising, at least considering many theaters around the country are still closed. As of now, The New Mutants has earned $7 million in its opening weekend domestically, making for the biggest haul since the theaters that are open did so.

Even setting aside its release during the pandemic, the movie hasn’t been without controversy. Some of it has involved Zaga’s Sunspot, with many accusing The New Mutants of whitewashing the character. In the comics, Sunspot is typically portrayed as darker skinned, which readers have been quick to point out. New Mutants co-creator Bob McLeod even weighed in this week, voicing his disappointment at Sunspot’s lighter skin. However, despite the controversy surrounding the movie, some are still hoping for a sequel, or at least for some of the characters to show up in future Marvel movies.